Sneezy Bear

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Simple stories are often the most popular and this is simplicity at its best!!
You may well be 'blown away' by this charming story of a hungry bear with a bout of uncontrollable sneezing. Will Bear be able to overcome his irritation or will it aid him in his quest for food? Be prepared for an earth shattering tale with an explosive ending! A cute and cuddly story with a clever use of repetitive vocabulary for bear lovers everywhere. The audio CD includes not only the story with amazing sound effects, but a meet the author section, quiz time and fun activities!

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And there's more... includes two CDs - Audio CD; audio of the story, meet the author, quiz time, and activities. CD-Rom; parent guide, prompt, extra fun activities and a bonus poster!

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And there's more… CD-ROM and Audio CD 4186430 Each
Can You Lick Your Own Elbow PB Book 4206138 Each
Plush Sneezy Bear 4186441 Each
Plush Sneezy Bear Props for Scenery 4186474 Each
Sneezy Bear Book 4108935 Each
Sneezy Bear Scenery 4186463 Each
Sneezy Bear Storysack 4186452 Each
Teddy Bear's Picnic Jigsaw 4180435 Each

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