Shaun the Shy Shark

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A 'snappy' story that plunges you to the murky depths of the seabed, where a dazzling deep sea disco awaits!
It's a well-known fact that sharks should be terrifying as they patrol the murky seas. Shaun, however, was so shy that the sight of a jellyfish made him wobble, and even a shrimp was known to scare him. But it was a secret wish that eventually sent Shaun to a new world in a shipwreck at the bottom of the sea.

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And there's more... CD-rom includes: audio of the story, parent guide, prompt, extra fun activities and a bonus poster!

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8 Shaun the Shy Shark Plush Sea Creatures 4186298 Each
And there's more… CD-ROM 4186276 Each
Shaun the Shy Shark 4186309 Each
Shaun the Shy Shark Book 4108913 Each
Shaun the Shy Shark Sack 4187046 Each
Shaun the Shy Shark Scenery 4186320 Each
Your Feelings: I Feel Bullied 4115634 Each

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