Award winning Storysacks are about making books fun and bringing stories to life. For use at both school and in the home a Storysack is a cloth bag full of wonderful resources to encourage children and adults to enjoy reading together.

Each sack is based around a well known picture story book and is supported by a fact book on a similar theme. To encourage role play soft toy characters props and scenery are added, the sack is then completed by a game, CD of the story, activity guide and parent guide.

This wonderful yet simple resource is a must for all adults who enjoy stories with children.

Albert-storysack Albert's Tuneful Trunk New!
The book includes a CDROM with audio of the story, activities, posters and instrumental audio tracks so you can really get in the swing of things!
Ss_badger_sack_2008 Badgers Parting Gifts
This sensitively told story provides an excellent introduction to the difficult subject of death and the gifts and memories we leave behind.
Did-you-see-them-too-sack Did you see them too?
A one minute you see it, the next you don’t kind of story.
Doyourearshanglow Do your Ears Hang low? Storysack
Two sweet and silly, floppy-eared puppies make friends and bounce their way through this fresh, fun-filled interpretation of a familiar and much-loved children's song.
Farmer-duck-sack Farmer Duck
This story provides an excellent starting point for discussion on team work.
Fatou-sack Fatou, Fetch the Water
This award nominated book is a must for studies of other cultures.
The-gruffalo-storysack Gruffalo
This story will be loved by all that read it and children will ask for it again and again.
The-gruffalo-storysack Gruffalo Alternative New!
Alternative with small Gruffalo. This story will be loved by all that read it and children will ask for it again and again.
Handas_surprise_storysack Handa's Surprise
This best selling picture book has endless starting points for activities across the whole curriculum.
Storysack-harryshazelnut Harry's Hazlenut! Storysack
As Harry walked to school one day, he found a nut. His teacher said he could plant it. Little did they know that the tree that it would grow into would give pleasure to so many generations of woodland explorers!
Ss_if_only_sack_2008 If Only?
Excellent for an exploration of self esteem and outward appearance, as well as life cycles and mini beasts. Pre-School Gold Award Winner. Also available in Welsh.
Ss_itchy_bear_sk_2008 Itchy Bear
This adorable best selling story will enchant readers of all ages. Pre-School Gold Award Winner. Also available: Itchy Bear big book.
Ss_jack___bean_sack_2008 Jack and the Beanstalk
Watch your own beans grow like magic, before your very eyes!
Journey-home-grandpa-sack Journey Home from Grandpa's
A must for all transport lovers everywhere!
Pants-storysack Knickers and Pants! New!
We’ve put together two of the best knickers and pants stories around and created a ‘pantastic’ sack full of starting points for exploring patterns and shapes, including enough pants and knickers for the whole class to get involved in the stories and a CD ROM with 25 lesson plans written by Neil and full of fun ideas to make maths fun.
Vhcat-storysack Life Cycle of a Caterpillar
Enjoy using the soft props to introduce numeracy and discussions on healthy eating and life cycles.
Sleep-storysack Little Bear
Now you can enjoy two Little Bear stories: Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? and Sleep Tight, Little Bear in this adorable bedtime Storysack.
Storysack-littlemoon Little Moon
We are proud to present in association with the European Space Agency this outstanding storysack. A must for space lovers everywhere. A wonderful introduction to the marvels of our Solar System.
Ss_red_hen_sk_2008 Little Red Hen
A moral tale of co-operation and sharing.
Ss_little_rr_hood_2008 Little Red Riding Hood
The inclusion of our fact book provides excellent opportunities for discussion on stranger danger issues.