Handa's Surprise

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This best-selling picture book has endless starting points for activities across the whole curriculum.
Handa puts seven delicious fruits in a basket to take to her friend, Akeyo, as a surprise. On her way, she is seen by a number of different animals and her fruits do look very inviting… It was a joy to create a Storysack® for this best-selling story and we've packed it full of role-play resources, including a Handa Doll complete with a detachable basket and all of the fruit, plus masks and finger puppets of Handa, Akeyo and the animals, as well as beautiful scenery. The non-fiction book and traditional African game of Mancala will enable children to learn more about African culture. Contents: Handa's Surprise Book and DVD; A is for Africa Book; And There's More...CD ROM; Cloth Sack; Handa Doll with Fruit; Finger Puppets; Masks; Scenery; African Game of Mancala.

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And there's more.. CD-Rom includes: parent guide, prompt, early learning goals and a bonus poster!

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A is for Africa World Alphabet PB Book 4177003 Each
African Game of Mancala 4189554 Each
And there's more… CD-ROM 4115843 Each
Animal Finger Puppets 4115876 Each
Animal Masks 4115887 Each
Handa Sack 4186749 Each
Handa Scenery 4115909 Each
Handa's Surprise book and DVD 4179181 Each
Handa's Surprise Storysack 4115898 Each
Plush Handa doll with fruit 4115854 Each

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